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Does anyone here know how thick I should go when designing my Porcerax insert?

Thanks in advance.
Thickness of the Porcerax insert is very important for a couple of reasons. First, you want a thick enough part that will withstand the injection pressure. If you go too thin you run the risk of cracking the material. The material has a base hardness of 35-38 HRC and can with stand most of the variables with regards to injection molding. With regards to speaker grill cores, Molder's World recommends that a minimum of 1-5/8" thk. material is used. This will insure that the mechanical properties of Porcerax will withstand the injection molding process. Second, by using a piece of Porcerax large enough to put in a drilled and tapped hole for an NPT fitting. You allow the Porcerax material to be cleaned much easier. After the solvent has cleaned most of the trapped materials in the pores. Place your NPT fitting in the Porcerax, plug it into your shop air and let it blow through the Porcerax. This will allow most of the impurities to blow out of the Porcerax.
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