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Cleaning Question
How long does it take to clean the resin build up out of Porcerax? What factors are involved?

Thx in advance.

A lot depends on what type of cleaning you are doing. EDM oil or water you can put the porcerax in an oven at 250 degrees and that will evaporate the water and make the oil more viscus. This will eventually cause the oil to leak out of the porcerax. For resins, it depends on what type of resin you are looking at. Usually acetone in a ultrasonic cleaner works best. However, you need to check with your resin supplier too see what the best solvent is to break down the resin. Also, please make sure a proper ultrasonic cleaner is used, one with spark inhibitors and fire protection. A benefit that is sometimes overlooked is buying a large enough piece to put an airfitting into. This makes cleaning and checking porousity much easier.
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Thanks for sharing the info Britt. I was wondering about the same thing.

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