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Question about hardenability
Why is hardenability so important? Does that mean higher hardness in my die?
Higher hardenability does not refer to the hardness you obtain. What you get with higher hardenability steels is the bainite nose on the CCT chart is pushed to the right. What that means is you get more complete transformation to hardened martensite....even in the center of large dies than with lower hardenability steels.. This means you also have higher toughness (charpy values) at like hardness in the center of large dies than with lower hardenability steels. This is important as the number of waterlines are increased, and they get closer to the cavity surface. Higher hardenability steels, such as DHA World ( compared to H13) or DH31EX ( compared to 2367 or other NADCA grade C's) is also an insurance policy against your heat treater treater quenching too slowly. You will get a higher percentage of martensite than with lower hardenability steels.
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