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Bending and Flattening Die
May 28, 2003 - Joseph Klinck, President of Custom Metal Products Corp, wrote to us about a DC-53 Bending and Flattening Die:

quoteBig Grinate: May 28, 2003
To: International Mold Steel
Subject: DC-53 Bending and Flattening Die
From: Custom Metal Products Corp.

Thank you for your help in improving our tool life. We have been looking for a way to improve tool life for our flattening and bending operation.

Our current dies made of D-2 showed dramatic wear (which does not help accuracy) and usually did not last more than 5,000 pieces. This caused us to make lots of adjustments during the production runs and, of course, frequent die replacements.

The process takes place on an 800 ton knuckle joint press. The parts are front end suspension brackets made of " diameter SAE 1541 material. The parts are flattened to " thickness and also receive a 30 degree bend over a 1" length.

Your representative suggested that we utilize DC-53 material for improved die life. International Mold Steel sent us a sample piece of material. We made the die in our tool room and the toolmakers commented that 'this really machines well". Your representative told us that it should machine 30% to 40% better than other steels --- we agree that it does.

We then had the part heat treated, ground and polished. We tried the die and did not get any improvement. We talked to your representative and asked how the tool was heat treated. We soon discovered that the heat treat instructions were not followed as recommended. We reworked the die, sent it back for heat treatment and this time made sure that the heat treat instructions were properly followed.

Of course, everyone now was curious and skeptical. The die was placed back into the press and we processed 10,000 pieces (all good) before the die failed.

With this result, we are replacing our dies with DC-53 material. It costs 50 to 60 (cents) more per pound, but it machines better and a $300.00 to $500.00 tool lasts twice as long and improves quality. We will certainly explore the use of this material in other applications.

Thank you for your firm's help.

Joseph P. Klinck, President
Paul W. Britton
National Sales Manager
Mold Products Division
International Mold Steel
TOLL FREE: 1-800-625-6653
EMAIL: [email protected]

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