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DC53 high hardness (HRc62) coupled with standard methods of heat treating result in superior bending strength, up to 25% higher than D2. Ideal for dies to form high tensile steel plates and other heavy-thickness steel plates and cold forming tools undergoing high loads such as dies for bending and cold forging.

A secondary refining process minimizes the size of carbides and decreases nonmetallic inclusions for a substantially increased fatigue strength over D2. This characteristic makes DC53 suitable for use where repeated stresses are loaded, such as precision-punching dies with small clearance and cold forming tools. DC53 is particularly suited to handling less-workable materials such as stainless and heat-treated alloy steels.

We have more information including hardness & bending yield strength relationship charts our Web site here:
Paul W. Britton
National Sales Manager
Mold Products Division
International Mold Steel
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