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Is DC53 a Powder?
I'm punching slots in 0.65mm varnished electrical steel.Clearence between punch and die is 0.013mm. We have to regrind the d-3 , 60 HRC every 50,000 or so slots. Boss says if it ain't broke don't fix it. We have always used D3. He says powders are too expensive. Is DC53 a powder? If I try it do I have to change the clearance?
To answer your first question, DC53 is not a powder or particle metallurgy steel. It conventionally melted, ladle refined, poured into relatively small ingots and forged to achieve optimum carbide distribution. The result is improved toughness, strength, machinability, and grindability without sacrificing wear resistance.

Regarding you second question, the optimum clearance for most electrical steels is about 12% or in your case 0,078mm per side. To use this clearance, you will need some type of slug control such as ejector punches, air blow-off through the center of the punch, or a vacuum below the die to prevent slug pulling and a spring stripper to maintain part flatness. This clearance will reduce burr height and at least, double your tool life.
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