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Need Ideas
I'm getting flaking in the bottom of the groves of my roll forming roll. Forming high tensile 1/4 dia wire. I dropped the hardness of the D2 roll from 60-62 to 58 -60 to improve the toughness, but it seemed to make the problem worse. Pulling my hair out! Any ideas out there?

Flaking is often a fatigue issue which can be caused by low compressive strength and poor carbide distribution in the tool steel roll. D2 fits both of these problems with large poorly distributed chrome carbides and a relatively low compressive strength of 312,000 ksi at RC-61. Lowering the hardness lowers the compressive strength escalating the problem. The answer is to use a higher strength tool steel at a higher hardness. DC53 with a higher compressive strength of 345,000 ksi at RC-62 and more evenly distributed carbides will have greater resistance to flaking and wear.
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