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slot milling DC53 feeds and speeds
We want to plunge mill a key-way on center, into the side of a cylindrical part which has a 1 inch I.D. (Thus there is an interrupted cut.)
We are using a cobalt staggered tooth slitting saw, .375 in. wide by 3.0 in. dia. with 20 teeth, mounted in a arbor type tool holder.
The depth of plunge into the part is .375 in.
We are using an Okuma MC-60 VAE vertical machinning center.

Can anyone recommend a starting point for feeds and speeds ?

Thank you
Using the reference chart that the cutting tool manufacturer has for your tool, start with the feeds and speeds used for D2. This will give you maximum tool life which should be about 50% longer than when cutting D2. Start increasing the feeds and speeds in increments of 10% until you see a chip you dont like to determine the maximum cutting speed which should be about 30% to 35% faster than D2. Chips should be a relatively tight C shape and blue in color. If D2 is not referenced on in the chart, us a surface speed of 55 for high speed steel cutters as noted in the DC53 brochure as a starting point.
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