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Heat Treat H13 Die
How many Bar vacuum quench is necessary for a good heat treat for an H13 die?
Quench rate is the issue, not the rate of gas flow. Best to talk to your heat treater, he knows what his equipment will do. Some 6 bar furnaces, because of gas flow and other issues can cool faster than some 10 bars. Important rule of thumb is a minimum cooling rate of 5 degrees C per minute. At the high end, 1885F down to 1000F, ( where the rate will easily be faster) you need the quench rate to avoid pearlite and carbides at grain boundries. This account for 20% of the final toughness. At the lower end(1000F to 200F) you need this quench rate to avoid bainite. This accounts for 80% of the final toughness.
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